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The Atelex Group believes that prosperity and longevity are the results of work carried out with integrity. When this is done, everyone wins: the Atelex group and also the audiences with which we interact.

A sustainable company is one that operates its business without compromising its existence and that of future generations. It is a virtuous cycle of development, respecting the Social, Cultural, Environmental and Financial dimensions.

Therefore, we transparently share the results of our business and the work of our talents.

In a sustainable way, we launched a program called Atelex For a Better World, this program relies on donations from our customers and partners, in addition, every year the Atelex Group withdraws a part of its gross revenue to dedicate to social causes.

The "Atelex Para um Mundo Melhor" program directs all the money raised to philanthropic and social institutions, seeking to invest and encourage education, leisure and citizenship in our country.

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